Christopher Milam

President & CEO of IDM

Christopher Milam, President & CEO of IDM has focused his career on going green through the use of solar and other eco-friendly methods for building and planning. Through his work he hopes to make a positive impact on the community and the environment while providing innovative solutions to challenges we currently face in our society.

Eco-Friendly Building and Planning

Architecture is a great way to display art and creativity while enhancing the functionality of buildings and other structures. In recent years, the importance of being eco-friendly has become increasingly relevant as we become more and more aware of the size of our carbon footprint.

We will always need more buildings for businesses, homes, hospitals, storage, and other functions, however, there is a more green and eco-friendly way we can go about it.

Architects, engineers, planners, and consultants like Christopher Milam are constantly looking for new ways to decrease our impact on the environment while still building amazing structures that can benefit society and improve quality of life for both human beings as well as the plants and animals we share the planet with.

Through these efforts, we are investing in the future for the health of our children and generations to come as well as the health of our earth as a whole.


Renewable Community Gardens

Gardens are also essential and beautiful parts of our communities, enhancing the fresh air and producing healthy food for our families. As with larger building planning and projects, Christopher Milam is also involved in helping support community efforts in creating more “green spaces” where life can thrive socially and environmentally.

Research has shown that increased community garden initiatives have held a great positive impact on society and local communities. Using renewable sources, these structures hold a low environmental impact, creating less pollution and little to no effect on climate change.

Getting involved in his community has inspired Christopher Milam to continue pursuing new challenges related to business, building planning, and the environment.  

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